Copper Pipe is one of the piping components widely used in the market. Different applications require different materials and makes of pipes. Industries that have acidic contact need pipes with acidic corrosion resistance. Industries with high pressure and temperature would require pipes with high temperature tolerance and pressure rating. The copper pipe is mandated for certain usages in the same manner. Copper is a naturally corrosion resistant element. It is low in weight compared to most other counterpart metallic pipes. The only competition to copper might be the newly arriving family of improved plastic pipes. But copper is more environmentally friendly than these plastic pipes.

The different application requirement necessitate the pipes be made in different grades, standards or types. There are four different primary types of copper pipes. The K type, the L type, the M type and the DWV type are the four types. These types correspond to wall thickness, anticorrosive properties and also the cost. Sometimes any type of copper seamless pipe is needed to be added in a precision demanding situation. The seamless pipes are also less corrosion resistant due to the lower roughness of the pipes. The different types are used to meet the requirements of the applications. The K type pipes are used to bring water into building through underground piping. The DWV type on the other hand is not allowed for water transfer. Type M can be used for water supply but the type L is the most used. The type L copper pipe price therefore precedes the other pipes, but also depends on other market factors.

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