Every other SEO company claims to be the best in business, but only a few can deliver on the promises. Selecting a credible SEO marketing agency for your brand is no easy task, and it is necessary to look beyond the price and other gimmicks. Below are some quick pointers that will come in handy for comparing choices.

  • Don’t start with an estimate. While it may seem really natural to ask for an estimate to compare SEO agencies, but that shouldn’t be the first step. The best SEO services will take an interest in your brand, discuss goals and objectives, and depending on the scope of work, they will offer an estimate.
  • Review their clientele. Who are the top clients of an SEO agency? That says a lot about their experience, credibility and market standing. A company that has worked with small and large brands alike should be your first priority, and you can ask for references to know more about their clients.
  • Talk about strategy. There is no secret sauce in SEO, but the best SEO agencies follow certain practices, strategies and techniques that help in achieving expected results. An agency should be able to explain their approach to the job, and how their experience and work process can benefit your brand.

  • Insist on a website audit. Many SEO agencies offer website audit for free, while others don’t, but as a client, you should insist on this. An audit allows the agency to have a fair idea of your website’s performance, which further helps in planning the SEO campaign.
  • Seek regular reports. Check if the company will share regular reports with your team. SEO is an ongoing process, and you have to get monthly reports to evaluate the growth of the project based on real metrics.

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