Storage facilities are a convenient and secure option for people in need of storage space. There are two kinds of storage options to consider.

  • Full-service storage – It offers ‘valet-style’ services right from picking your goods to delivering them in the storage unit.
  • Self-storage – Customers are responsible to deliver and pick their belongings from the storage unit.

Storage facilities are easily accessible near your location. Just make an online search! If you reside anywhere near Quebec or Arizona, check Belley’s warehouse. It is a reliable storage solution for your home or business needs.

Choose the right size

Multiple size units are available for renting and the price is based on square footage. It means bigger the size, the more you have to pay. Invest in shelving, to increase the available space in a small unit.

Usually, price is negotiable

There are promotions offered now and then. You can even ask for a discount if you plan to pay in advance for several months. You can look for refer-a-friend credits or military discounts.

Consider temperature

If you are storing possessions that can get damaged due to extreme temperature then choose a climatic-control unit. Artwork, antiques, photos, or important documents are irreplaceable and will be a sensible idea to spend little more on this feature.

Indoor vs. outdoor

Interior unit means inside the building. It offers more protection but is hard to move stuff in and out. An outdoor unit is just like a garage, where you can park your car near the door for loading and unloading. Some units are on the 2nd or 3rd floor, which are less expensive but can be a nightmare to move large stuff in and out.

What is the insured?

Storage items may be covered in your homeowner’s renters’ insurance. Even ask your insurance provider about the coverage on goods stored away from home. Be clear on the losses the insurance will cover.

For example, there may be covered on theft on fires but you will need to invest in extra coverage on earthquakes and flooding. The storage facility has insurance that covers storage building damage but not your personal belongings stored inside.

When you are searching for a storage unit consider key factors like –

  • Easy accessibility
  • Number of locks
  • In-person surveillance
  • Video monitoring
  • Lighting
  • Cleanliness and maintenance
  • Online reviews
  • Pricing and agreement

There is no shortage of storage facilities, finding the right one is an issue. Do your homework before you start packing!

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